Introduction of East Gostar Delijan Co. 

The company has been established and launched in 2003 with the aim of producing and manufacturing various types of moisture and derivative insulators at the level of national and international standards. It has won high quality and high customer satisfaction, which has succeeded in this direction. To be able to win the national standard brand of Iran and receive 2 standard  ISO 9001-2015   and  CE  certificates from TUV Germany . Now, with high technology and high quality engineers and strategies, Zair is at the service of your dear and dear customers.

East East Broadcasting Company Scores

1. With the national standard mark of Iran

2. Certificate of quality management based on the standard ISO 9001-2015 from TUV Germany

3. A 5-year insurance policy from Parsian Insurance Company

4 – With the CE mark of Europe on behalf of the company tuv

5. Owning a fully automatic Italian machinery

6. A 10-year warranty on East Gasgard Delijan Co.

7. Manufacturing and manufacturing of all kinds of coated, colored, copper or gold-plated insulation on request

8. Use of the system (boiler) for indirect heat transfer for high quality production

9. Production and manufacturing of various moisture insulations. 2 Coated and micronized powder coating (bpp)

10. Export your products to all over the world.

11. One of the largest and most successful manufacturers of polymer and polymer based moisture insulators in Iran.

12. Production and manufacture of high quality gasoline and water primers