Stagecoach East wide Ruberoid co. with the objective of producing and manufacturing all kinds of moisture and insulation products at the level of national and international high standards in the year 1382 established and launched the quality and high quality and customer satisfaction that at the same راسـتا succeeded to be able As the national standard and the ISO standard 2نشان get 9001-2015 وCEاز TUVآلمان company and is now having a certified facilities and high-tech engineers and ذیر strategies in serving customers and dear.   Ruberoid co. Stagecoach East

Stagecoach East gostar company rates

1-rated national standard 2-rated based on the standard ISO quality management certification from the German company TUV 9001-2015 3-5 years of insurance joint-stock company insurance Corp 4-rated standard (ce) Europe on behalf of the company tuv 5-automatic machines having a hand in the plans, Italy 6. Rated 10-year warranty company Stagecoach East Ruberoid wide 7-production and manufacture of foils, sheathing insulation color golden copper or bamash according to customer’s request 8-use systems (steam boilers) for indirect heat transfer for the production of high-quality 9-production and manufacture of 2-layer moisture insulation and roll No. ودری micronized type (bpp) 10-export their products to all parts of the world. 11-one of the largest producers of polymeric insulation and moisture which products Sdn Bhd 12-production and manufacture of gasoline primer and blue with the highest quality products the company Stagecoach East Stagecoach East company wide wide with five تجاریشرق wide, 521 East brand developers, glass, Patrice b. The roof of the پریسان, the production and the market overall, into two categories: 1 _ 2رونایلکس2لایهbpp 2ایزوگام فویلدار2لایهbpp tar paper Division. Both the show and the product has a standard of high quality materials and are produced by one degree.Ruberoid co. Stagecoach Eastpropose to study the following subjects: bituminous primer blue? Ruberoid, bitumen-based (BPP)? The method of handling and maintenance of bituminous primer blue tar paper? Ruberoid, bitumen-based (BPP)? Advantages and disadvantages of thermal insulation of prefabricated