Application of rubble

Usage requirements: As you know, different types of rubble have been made and made available today, each of which has different properties and different uses. For example, insulating rubbers placed on roofs Usually, they are used with foil strips, which are two-layer coatings with a weight of 42 kg and bitumen and standard additives, as well as walls and services, swimming pools and pools. It is better to use powdered rubbers.


The moisture insulation available on East Gasgar Delijan isotope due to its quality management system and well-equipped laboratory of quality control and the use of suitable raw materials and continuous monitoring of the production with a high level of quality and flexibility, as well as the cost of insulation is very suitable. East Azam Golestan Delijan is ready to provide services in all applications to choose the best waterproofing.


Application of Isuzgam East Gostar Delijan Isuzgam East Gostar Delijan ایزوگام شرق گستر دلیجان

Application areas of East Azarbaijan:

1. Insulating the bath floor
2. Insulating roof ceilings
3. Insulating parking ceilings
4. Renovating the ceiling
5. Insulating the metal surfaces
6. Insulating all the details of the ceilings and building
7. Insulating the ceilings that The garden is on it.
8. Insulating curved roofs.
9. Insulating the building.
10. Insulating ordinary roofs.
11. Insulating the sloping surfaces.
12. Insulating flat roofs.


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